Who are we?

Aviary Games was founded in 2014 by Mike Kanarek after he successfully got his first game, Alchemy! funded through Kickstarter. Aviary games has since set out to provide publishing support and a community for board and card game developers.

You can contact us by emailing aviarygames@gmail.com¬†if you have questions about any of our games, or have a convention, game or business opportunity you’d like us to know about.

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Who is Aviary Games:

Mike Kanarek

Mike is the founder of Aviary Games, a game designer and a giant geek. Prior to Aviary Games he has worked in marketing and product management for games and has organized various gaming events including the 2013 Boston Festival of Independent Games, the MIT Business in Gaming Conference, The LARP Forum and a variety of smaller events. Other than gaming Mike likes gardening, running and building things with his hands.

Brit Knowles

Brit Knowles has been with Aviary Games since it began and co-owns the company’s mascots. She handles social media, PR and events for Aviary Games. By day she works as an animal caretaker for a wildlife sanctuary.

Cory Knowles:

Cory Knowles has also been with Aviary Games since it began. He is a game designer and head of playtesting and also assists in marketing and business development, as well as running tons of demos. Cory works for a large Boston area (digital) game company by day where he is a QA Analyst/Tester.

John “Tibbs” Tibbetts:

Tibbs has been responsible for marketing and business development at Aviary Games since mid 2014. He’s recently relocated to the California¬†where he oversees Aviary Games’ community on the West Coast. He works in marketing by day and has a glorious beard.

Momo & Lily:

Momo & Lily are a pair of green cheeked conures who perpetually assault and harass Mike Kanarek and Brit Knowles. Momo routinely steals pieces of any game being played in his presence and Lily has learned a trick where she drops dice and counters into peoples’ drinks. The two of them are featured in Aviary Games’ logos, making them the company’s mascots. Lily is the one with the crown, Momo is the one in the helmet.